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  1. Building the future of App Development

    Introducing Our CEO – Steve Moon This is Steve Moon, the Founder and CEO of Clever Coding. As a quick intro, I went to Brigham Young University and received a degree in Computer Science. I worked at BYU for 7 years in the IT department as a developer and team leader. After BYU I worked…

  2. Summa Coding – Time Tracking

    “The act of attaching task and time entries opens up a whole new world of transparency and accountability for what is happening with a project.” To improve the app development process, we recently went live with the alpha version of the time tracking module of Summa Coding.  We are currently using Asana for our project…

  3. Introducing Summa Coding

    Creating a platform that puts procedures in place and tracks metrics for every part of the app development lifecycle.   After 10 years of developing hundreds of mobile and web apps, the one thing I have learned is that you need to be constantly striving to improve as a company. Especially if you want to…

  4. How Technology Growth Transforms The World We Live In

    Clever Coding’s CEO, Steven Moon, gives insight on how the world’s living standards are tied to technology Despite the doom and gloom of the media, the world is progressing at a rapid pace. The advances in quality of life across the globe over the last 200 hundred years has been nothing short of amazing.  I…

  5. Why app development projects go over budget and take forever to complete

    A common stereotype of software development projects is that they are going to go over budget and not be done on time. This stereotype is well earned as a significant amount of projects do go over budget and take longer than expected. The million dollar question is why? I think it boils down to a…

  6. The next iPhone

    Which features would you like to see in the next iPhone?

  7. Respect to the end

    “Treat others with respect and others will respect you.” -Anthony Douglas Williams

  8. Facebook heads into the cryptocurrency arena

    Facebook has spun up a team to springboard off blockchain technology and launch its own cryptocurrency. What are you doing around AI for your company?

  9. How changing web development trends reshaped the internet

    A historical look at the ongoing evolution of web development.

  10. Mobile app development and the intelligent app

    Welcome to the age of the intelligent app.

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