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  1. Here’s what to include in your security policy for mobile devices

    There is a balance between flexibility and security when it comes to letting employees bring their own devices to work. Here’s what you need to know to successfully walk that line.

  2. Years later, the Equifax breach still impacts consumers. Here’s what we learned.

    The dust may have settled on the 2017 Equifax data breach, but its impacts continue to ripple outward years on. Here’s how to protect yourself.

  3. 5 key ingredients for a successful mobile app

    Five questions to ask yourself about your app design

  4. This scary phishing scheme can fool even the most diligent of people

    A Gmail phishing scam is making the rounds and it’s fooling a lot of otherwise smart folks. Here’s how it works.

  5. Free apps vs paid apps: Which is better?

    Make a plan for monetizing your app.

  6. Is your business computer network your weakest link?

    Hackers can wreak havoc on your business. These guidelines will keep your network safe.

  7. New year, new web design/development trends to watch

    Your digital presence is going to help or hinder your brand’s image. Take notice of these web design and development trends so you can enhance your digital presence in 2021.

  8. Building the future of App Development

    Introducing Our CEO – Steve Moon This is Steve Moon, the Founder and CEO of Clever Coding. As a quick intro, I went to Brigham Young University and received a degree in Computer Science. I worked at BYU for 7 years in the IT department as a developer and team leader. After BYU I worked…

  9. Summa Coding – Time Tracking

    “The act of attaching task and time entries opens up a whole new world of transparency and accountability for what is happening with a project.” To improve the app development process, we recently went live with the alpha version of the time tracking module of Summa Coding.  We are currently using Asana for our project…

  10. Introducing Summa Coding

    Creating a platform that puts procedures in place and tracks metrics for every part of the app development lifecycle.   After 10 years of developing hundreds of mobile and web apps, the one thing I have learned is that you need to be constantly striving to improve as a company. Especially if you want to…

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