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Monthly Archives: April, 2018

  1. Being nice can pay off

    Sometimes going above and beyond at your job can pay off in ways you would never imagine! What’s awesome is that she didn’t do it for any reward.

  2. Is a touchless phone screen in our future?

    Apple, seeking to set themselves apart from the growing competition in the mobile phone marketplace, is working on a curved screen and touchless control.

  3. The web development universe is expanding its realm

    Could it be possible that web development advances are displacing native mobile apps?

  4. Notch trend

    What do you think of the notch trend?

  5. Think the Target hack in 2013 was because a big retailer is an easy target? Hackers used a small business, a vendor, as a backdoor!

  6. “Children are the worlds most valuable resource” JFK

    “Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.” -John F. Kennedy

  7. Mobile friendly website

    If your website isn’t mobile friendly, you could lose visitors. Make sure you have a website that delivers what readers want from their mobile devices.

  8. What kind of ethics must software development firms keep in mind?

    Are ethics and software development mutually exclusive principles?

  9. DeepMind’s AI

    “Google is launching a new AI voice synthesizer as part of its suite of machine learning cloud tools.”

  10. Take a minute. Right now. Check the date of the last data backup for your computer. How does it look?


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