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Monthly Archives: April, 2018

  1. Forget dancing like no one is watching…

    Forget dancing like no one is watching. You should help like no one is watching! https://www.littlethings.com/guard-walks-blind-man-viral/

  2. Tech leaders are growing up

    It’s often said that you get wiser as you get older. This is an interesting read on how the tech industry is growing up, and hopefully, also getting wiser.

  3. The real deal on mobile app development

    There is more to mobile app development than just the app itself. It’s only logical!

  4. The top phones of 2018

    What phone do you really want this year?

  5. 1.33M mobile malware packages were installed on mobile devices in only the first quarter of 2017! Scary stat from Kaspersky Lab’s study.

    Are you protected? http://clevercoding.com/

  6. We can all use a lesson from these BFFs

    “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” ~Walter Winchell We can all take a lesson from this pair of BFFs!

  7. Virtual reality

    Who would love to see this impressive virtual reality come to headsets this year? Only time will tell…

  8. How the future of mobile app development is still firmly intertwined with HTML5

    HTML5 is still one of the most popular coding languages out there and there is a reason for that, just ask any mobile app development team.

  9. 2018 iPhone lineup

    “Go big or go cheap? That is the existential question Apple may tackle in 2018.”

  10. Difficult not to conclude this about the risk management profession

    It would be better not to play catch-up. http://clevercoding.com/

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