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Is it Time for a Legacy Upgrade?

Is it time to upgrade your mobile app or website? We can help

Hello, companies and innovators alike. One thing that almost anybody can notice is the heavy reliance that almost every component of the modern world places on websites and mobile applications. For example, if you’re a business, you’re not going to have much success among the younger generations if you don’t have an attractive and functioning website. Long gone are the days where we would navigate via a physical map and find information on a business by looking in the Yellow Pages and giving them a call on a landline phone. However, while it’s definitely important to have a functioning website or mobile application, it’s just as important to update your technology regularly.

As a web and app development company in Utah, we can’t stress the importance of updates enough. Because browsers and mobile devices are constantly changing their interfaces, it’s pertinent that you keep up so that your product doesn’t become obsolete due to your failure to keep up. Here are some of the changes that you’ll want to be aware of and make updates for:

Your site is coded in an older version of HTML or CSS

HTML5 and CSS3 are the current versions of the languages used in frontend design. These updates to the languages allow developers to be much more flexible with their designs and older languages can be somewhat inhibiting. Refurbishing your site with the upgrades can both improve usability, functionality, and aesthetics. Depending on your site and how long it’s been since you last made updates, fixes should be easy.

Your Site Isn’t Compatible with Most Modern Browsers

If you haven’t remodeled your website or web application since the days of Netscape Navigator, chances are, nobody is going to want to use it. Most modern browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge function best with sites that are coded using the latest versions of JavaScript, HTML, jQuery, and CSS. Chances are, if your website is coded with the first version of HTML, which was actually developed for scholars who wanted to share their documents, it’s not going to work on modern browsers.

Your iOS App was Written in Objective-C

Originally, most iOS apps for the Apple “App Store” were written in Objective-C. While this language allowed developers to get creative with functionality, it was not nearly as flexible as Swift, Apple’s newest designated app language. If you have an iOS app but haven’t made the changes from Objective-C to Swift, it might be a good thing to take into consideration. Not only will your app be more user-friendly, but with Swift, you’ll be able to add more functions which weren’t originally available.

Your App Hasn’t been Updated

Both Android and Apple update their interfaces several times a year at least slightly and release drastic updates about yearly. If you have an app on either market, it’s very important that you make updates to the app so that it’s compatible with the interface. While this could seem annoying given how often Apple and Android are making changes, it’s pertinent to stay on top of the game to ensure the success of your app. Luckily, for app and other legacy upgrades, Clever Coding can help.

Our app development company has the team, expertise, and resources to make sure your website or app is still relevant. Whether your site needs revamping in order to make it compatible across browsers, or your iOS app is still stuck in Objective-C, Clever Coding can help. Located in the Silicon Slopes of Utah, we offer both in-house and remote. Contact us today!

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