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5 key ingredients for a successful mobile app

Creating an app that succeeds in today’s market requires a lot of planning. There are more than 2.87 million apps available in the Google Play Store and 1.96 million available in the Apple App Store. Put together, that’s almost 5 million apps for users to sift through! As you might imagine, many of those apps get very few downloads. On the flip side, some apps get tons of traffic and are regularly relied on by users. So what is it that makes these apps successful? Consider some of these questions as you imagine your mobile app!Beautiful cute asian young businesswoman in the cafe, using mobi

Does it solve a problem? What problem is your target audience experiencing that your app helps solve? If it solves a problem that no other app has solved before, it’s got a great chance of getting noticed. If it solves the problem better than any other app out there, it also has a good chance of success. Ultimately, make sure your app adds value to the market.

Does it have a target audience? Although it can be easy to simply say your audience is “everyone” or even “all men” or “all women,” there’s always a way to narrow it down so your app reaches a more specific target audience. Consider age ranges, demographics, interests, etc. If you can, aim for a small niche market to ease advertising and increase your chance of success.

Is it simple to use? You may dream about lots of extra features, but often, simple is best. If the app has a few main features that work well, your customers will be more satisfied than if you have an overly complex app that’s confusing to use. Focus on the core features and let the rest go for now. You can add more features as the app gains more users.

Do you have a marketing plan? Simply releasing an app on the Apple store and hoping for the best probably won’t help your business. With so many apps out there, having a marketing plan is essential. Reaching out on social media or via text messages can be helpful. Whatever you decide, make sure to get yourself (or a marketing team!) on the job.

Do you have a good team? Some coding teams promise a lot but don’t always deliver. Be sure to interview your coding team and form a partnership with them! If you’re ready to start work on your mobile app, Clever Coding has some openings. We’d love to help you out!

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