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ABC Shakedown


AppStruck: “ABC Shakedown Plus is what kids apps are meant to be – fun, interactive, and most of all, educational… a spectacular app.”

Want your child to read? This is the app for you!

ABC Shakedown Plus is the second in a series of educational apps brought to you by i-Itch Inc. This teacher developed, reading readiness app is three in one!

Featured Games:

See It, Say It
Hear It, Hit It

Classic – introduces each letter of the alphabet using a slideshow format with easy prompts to shake your way from A to Z.

See it, Say it – has the child choose between three letter blocks, that when touched, say their letter name. The object is to DRAG the correct block to the corresponding picture

that begins with that letter. This game reinforces learning letter recognition and initial letter sounds, using both your visual and auditory senses.

Hear it, Hit it – has the child choose between three buttons, that when touched, say a letter sound. The object is to DRAG the correct button to the corresponding picture

that begins with that sound. This game was designed to have the child rely completely on auditory discrimination to learn the specific sounds that each letter in the alphabet makes.

This is not an easy concept to master, as many of the letter sounds are similar.

See it, Say it and Hear it, Hit it follow one another in the level of difficulty, we suggest playing See it, Say it before taking on the challenge of Hear it, Hit it.

These wonderful learning games teach the sound-symbol relationship of each letter of the alphabet in a 21st century way.

Your child will master the letters of the alphabet through multi sensory, interactive game play that incorporates delightful animation. Each game builds upon the next,

reinforcing skills that will put your child on the road to reading in no time.

Our games are designed to motivate children to get the correct answer. There are no bells or whistles for the wrong selection. Only the correct answer will give the child a reward.

Too often, games provide an exciting response for incorrect answers; children are often drawn to the negative response and the learning is compromised.

All the letter sounds are enunciated, articulated and properly spoken with guidance from a speech pathologist. Imagine your child getting their first experience in reading readiness right from your iPhone!

(Also perfect for the reluctant, challenged, or struggling reader, and proven successful with the special needs population and ESL learners.)

Due to the animation and artwork in this wonderful app, this is a large file. Please connect to a Wi-Fi network or use iTunes (on your computer) to download.

*This game was optimized for the iPhone 3GS and 3rd Generation iPod Touch.

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