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App privacy from the view of an android developer

As one of the nation’s premier Android developers, we take privacy very seriously. If there is one thing that anyone downloading an app often wonders about, it is the privacy of their personal information. The big question many ask is: What types of data will this app access and why does it want that data in the first place?

As any Android developer will tell you, when you sign up with an app store or download a specific app, it is likely that you will be required to provide permission for that app to access specific data on your device. While the Android developer creating your app always has privacy in mind, in many cases certain access must be provided in order for the app to function properly.

Types of data Android developers must sometimes require the app to access

In many cases, the mobile app in question will need to access specific information. This information can range from your phone and email contacts to your call logs, location information, or even specific information about you or how you use the app.

48212787_MWhile many Android developers build apps that access only the data they need to operate, sometimes clients require apps to gather information that’s unrelated to the purpose of the app. If the app is requesting data that the user doesn’t believe should be collected, in many cases the user can disable the app from collecting that information.

Your information is just about everywhere

It is important to remember that in the modern age, somebody somewhere is likely collecting data on you. Whether it be on the websites you visit, the apps you use, what you search for, or where you are located, much of this information is tracked and logged.

Furthermore, if the data is being collected, it may also be shared with other companies. This is not something the Android developer dictates. They build the app for the client, but whether the information collected within the app is sold to a third party is up to the client themselves.

Privacy concerns can usually be addressed by checking the privacy settings on the device being used. In some cases, within the app itself, users can choose to opt-out of the data collection and dissemination process.

Managing the types of information being shared

While it may not always be easy to determine what data a specific application accesses, or how it will be used, users have control by doing research regarding the entity distributing the app, as well as reading the “fine print” provided in the terms and conditions, whether it be on the website or otherwise.

If your data is being collected, it is important to know who is asking for that data. Is contact information for the company in question easily located? How does the website look? Is there an email address for contact?

Whether you are a user looking to download an app or a business looking for a developer to design your app, you want to know tha

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