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While everyone may think you wake up looking so great — we know the truth. It takes hard work and good planning to look this amazing!

Even the savviest of us can still find it challenging to remember when we had our last hair appointment or when to make a new one.

Then combing through our Address book, our calendar, and our expenses  – wow, what a time-consuming chore.

Stop wasting your time and get beautiful already! Now you can have the world’s first organizer, designed especially for women like you

women who care about how they look, and spend time and money to make sure they always look their best.

Beauty Minder allows you to take complete control of all of your beauty related appointments, contacts, locations, and reminders. With Beauty Minder

you will never forget when your next appointment is, and you can always plan to budget accordingly.

No more searching through hundreds of contacts in your address book – with Beauty Minder, all of your appointments, contacts, and spending can be found in one beautiful place!

You don’t have to stop with just beauty appointments – you can keep track of all of your health and wellness appointments, too. Beauty Minde

has incorporated extensive customization to help you track other things that make you beautiful. You’ll find a wide variety of options to customize your Beauty Minder experience.

For example:
-Are you meeting with a personal trainer?
-Are you meeting with a diet consultant?
-Are you meeting with a makeup artist?
-Do you want to make a Dr. Appointment?
-Do you want to schedule yoga, pilates, or a spinning class? Just pick an icon, name it, and you’re on your way.
-Do you want to change the Photo Icons to Nature icons?

With all of these options, and such an easy-to-use interface, you are sure to make Beauty Minder your one-stop destination for tracking all of your beauty and lifestyle needs.

Never miss an appointment, or forget when to make one… with Beauty Minder you always put your best face forward!

-Instantly Add Appointments including Date, Time, Place, Cost, and Notes
-View all upcoming appointments; review past appointments
-Dedicated Beauty Minder Calendar. Note that the Beauty Minder Calendar is NOT integrated with the iPhone Calendar

Apple expressly restricts access to the proprietary Apple Calendar. This is not unique to Beauty Minder; it is Apple’s strict policy for iPhone Apps.
-Access complete contact information, organized by service (i.e. Hair, Nails) or category
-Reminders prior to appointments
-View Spending by Event, Month, Year
-Instant Dial
-Google Maps Feature
-Customizable icons and category settings to make it yours!

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