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Debunking some popular mobile app development myths

55508335 - facts  -myths     and businessman drawing landing page on blackboardIn just about every industry; with just about every product, there are myths that need debunking. Unfortunately, the same can be said for mobile app development. As expert mobile app developers, we take great pride in knowing the difference between facts and myths when it comes to designing, maintaining, and upgrading some of the most popular apps in existence. That’s why we wanted to use today’s blog post to put our foot down and say enough is enough! There are some myths to debunk and, by golly, we are going to debunk them.

Perhaps you have heard that creating a mobile app is just far too expensive or not really worth the effort. Or maybe that you will need to hire someone with a big salary to handle your mobile app development needs. Could it be that you are under the assumption once an app is released, that’s all there is to it; mobile app development: COMPLETE!? Wrong. If you have been told or believe any of these things, it’s time to read further. Let’s dive in:

Mobile app development myths: DEBUNKED!

Welcome to the land of the mobile app development Mythbusters. No one dislikes misinformation more than us, especially when it comes to the industry that we have been operating within for a long time. It’s time to put our expertise to the test. Let’s start with Myth #1.

Myth #1: I have a website, so I don’t need an app
Woe to the business that believes a good ole’ website is good enough to push their business to the next level. Just look at the numbers. In 2016, every third person on the planet was utilizing a mobile device. What will that number look like in 2020? Think they are on their smartphones just browsing websites? Think again! Nearly 90 percent of the time people spend on their mobile devices is within an application.

Myth #2: It’s far too expensive and difficult to create a mobile app
Okay, we’ll be honest, this could be partially true if you want to build the next Candy Crush and support millions of users on a shoestring budget. Quite frankly, the amount of money, time, and effort that goes into building an app depends on how many features you want packed into it, what platform(s) you want it to function on, how complex you want its interface design… and so much more. If you outsource your mobile app development you may find it even more affordable, which leads us to Myth #3.

Myth #3: I would be better off hiring someone in-house than outsourcing
We get it. When you hear the word “outsourcing,” you automatically think “poor quality” or “substandard.” Let us be the first to tell you, we are not an outsourcer, we are a partner.

When you partner with a company like us for your mobile app development needs, you are delegating potentially complex and difficult tasks to an experienced and skilled team. If you want to hire someone in-house, are you prepared to know or understand if they are doing a good job? Can you control the development process? Likely not.

Quite frankly, there are probably another 10 myths we could debunk. Think once you build an app you will amass thousands of users with zero to little marketing? Not so fast. Are you assuming once the app is developed, it’s hands-off from there? Not so. Under the impression you can skate by with a subpar app based on shaky coding? Again, it isn’t that easy.

The fact is, at Clever Coding, we are the masters of mobile app development. We fully understand all of the facts and myths. As we go about creating your perfect mobile app, you can rest assured it will be built on just the facts.

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