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Essential keys to eCommerce web development

46195886_MIf you are a business looking to create an effective eCommerce website, it is important to consider that seeing your website idea to fruition doesn’t simply happen overnight. It is impossible to develop a website that works by sheer force of will. Web development requires a steady, knowledgeable hand to build a site that you and your customers can rely on. A roadmap guiding the way towards implementation is crucial to the effort.

This is where the structure of your website comes into play. Through the course of web development, having a well-planned website architecture is essential to isolating the exact sequence required to ensure you get the results you are looking for from the website. But how do you set about doing that? First, know what you want from the web development process. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Having the power to know what you want from web development

While saying something like “know what you want” may sound simplistic, you may be surprised to learn how many companies begin the web development process without having a good idea of what it is they are even looking to accomplish. Generally, they will know that they:

  1. Either need a new website or;
  2. Need a revamp of their current website.

When properly evaluating your website development needs, one of the most important aspects is considering who your audience is. Sure, you are designing an eCommerce site, so your main concern will be selling your product or service, but there are specific audiences you will need to target in order to get that product or service sold.

What are your goals and benchmarks for your website, and are they in tune with the audience you seek to target? In order to get reliable answers to these questions, here are some essential points you must consider:

  1. Have you defined the areas of your website where content will be placed? There will likely be a lot of information on different pages within your site. At Clever Coding, we help you review these page segments to ensure it aligns with the stated intent of the website.
  2. Has a sitemap been built? Work with your web development team to determine the high-level structure for the site. This process will ensure relevant information is grouped together where it should be.
  3. Have you worked out a navigational scheme? It’s one thing to have a bunch of information on your website, but without an intuitive navigational scheme in place, you may find potential clients getting lost in the weeds and taking their business elsewhere. For example, if you have 15 pages on your site, a vertical line column may be a good bet.

Successful web development requires an in-depth knowledge of how, where, and when to apply specific principles. Here at Clever Coding, we understand what is required to build an eCommerce site that both exceeds your expectations and helps grow your business.

Web development requires addressing a company’s special needs in a way that allows their potential customers to see:

  • What the company offers;
  • What makes the company’s products or services different from their competitor, and;
  • The best way to ensure the first two aspects are prominently explained.

One of the things we take great pride in doing for our clients is understanding not just their needs, but what motivates their target market and how to get their audience to buy into the product or service they are offering.

While mobile app development is a huge part of our business here at Clever Coding, we have decided to put the vast knowledge of our coding workforce to work for you in building an eCommerce website that not only looks great but gets the job done. Contact us today to learn more!

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