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Get Your Car back on the Road Now!


*** US ONLY *** Got Car Damage?
Why waste time driving around getting estimates from body shops?

CrashSpace is an easy 4-step process to enter information about your damaged vehicle.

Local body shops (within a 25-mile radius of your location) review your information and bid on your repair!

With the CrashSpace app, all you need to do is:

– Enter vehicle info
– Take and add photos of your damaged vehicle
– Enter personal info (never shared – your privacy protected)
– Validate account

That’s it! Takes less than 5 minutes vs hours driving around getting estimates! Best of all, the app is FREE!

You can also go to www.crashspace.com to sign up.

After you sign up and upload your damaged vehicle information, login to www.crashspace.com to:

– Review bids that shops have posted

– Send messages to shops – ask questions, get clarifications and research the best body shop (see what additional services they provide

like free pickup / drop-off, financing, review their website and check out their Yelp reviews / ratings if available)

– When a shop sends you a message or places a bid, we automatically notify you via email

Thanks for using CrashSpace!

Please send comments / suggestions to:

Development by Clever Coding: http://clevercoding.com/

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