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How do you know if a mobile app developer is qualified?

25514290_MIn the age of the smartphone, mobile apps have become as ubiquitous as board games and television shows. As a result, a career developing apps has never looked so promising. So many individuals, companies, and other interested parties have some skin in the mobile app game that it’s become almost expected for companies in certain business categories — such as banks and even sports teams — to have their own mobile app. But with such a proliferation of apps out there, how can a discerning party tell if they have chosen a mobile app developer that knows what he or she is doing?

Of course, developing a mobile app is not something just anyone can do. Programming a workable app that people will use requires in-depth technical knowledge, creativity, and one finger on the pulse of what the technologically-savvy American consumer is looking for in a mobile app. For a mobile app developer to be successful, they must create a product that both meets the client’s specifications and adds value to the brand. After all, a poorly-designed app has the power to damage your reputation. In the end, finding the right mobile app developer should be more about building an excellent product than saving money or getting publicity.

What does the near-perfect mobile app developer look like?

Working with a mobile app developer should be a seamless and satisfying process. You should work with a partner who is interested in seeing your business succeed, rather than just building a program that does something.

A capable mobile app developer will respond to your needs but also knows how to guide you in another direction if what you require cannot be done within the specified parameters. An experienced developer will also be able to provide creative input based on what they have seen or experienced designing similar apps in the past. If you have worked with dozens of clients (as we have) you know what works and what doesn’t.

Another great way to determine whether you have made the right choice is to examine your app developer’s portfolio of work. How polished are the apps they have designed in the past? Is their UX design intuitive and responsive to user input? Considering the majority of your app’s success hinges on how your desired user interacts with it, building it with usability in mind is key. How much of their previous work follows these principles?

It’s about more than just a low price

There is a reason why they say you get what you pay for; because it’s true. If you are looking for a mobile app developer based specifically on the lowest price to develop your app, you may be selling yourself short. Certainly, there are app developers that are very cost-effective while also being experienced and capable, but do you want to risk your budget on the fact that you might find one?

Instead of letting cost drive you, think about choosing someone who is not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive, a developer you can build a lasting relationship with. What if you require help with multiple versions of your app, or you are planning for a lifecycle beyond the initial release? Furthermore, capable app development is about more than just coding. It’s also about design, functionality, testing, and revision. Are you working with a patient partner who will stick with you through it all?

Here at Clever Coding, we have been developing mobile apps for a very, very long time. You can find our fingerprints on award-winning and easily-recognizable apps both far and wide. As a premier mobile app developer, we stand by our portfolio of work and commitment to our clients. Don’t leave your app — and brand — in the hands of someone less experienced. Contact us today and let’s make some technological magic!

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