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iPhone 5s and iOS 7 Review

Not only one iPhone but two were released this past month and along with those phones came the iOS 7 update, the first major overhaul since the iPhone’s birth. I have heard many mixed reviews about the new iPhone as well and the update and I am here to write a few pros and cons to both. I did end up updating my iPhone 5 to the iOS 7 operating system and had a few mixed reviews myself.

First of all, the design was a basic flat parallax design and looked very nice. However, the ‘Messaging’ area just lacked that modern look. In my opinion it looked very basic and “old school”. Another con that I happened to notice with the new operating system was an issue with sending/receiving iMessages. I went a whole day with my texts not sending and pinned it to the new OS.

On to the new iPhone 5s.  Although I didn’t buy a new iPhone, I have heard many raving reviews due to the fact that this new phone has introduced a fingerprint scanner.  Talk about cool. I predict that this will change the whole world of mobile security. Apart from the fingerprint scanner, the iPhone 5s looks and works very similarly to the old iPhone 5.

As for the iPhone 5c, you can now have your iPhone in different colors.  What a fun option and a great way to keep the cost down.  The only downfall that I’ve heard about the iPhone 5c  is that the phone is mostly made of plastic and feels cheap.

What’s next for Apple, you ask? Well, a new iPad will probably be announced a week from now on October 22nd.

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