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PhotoNest is here for your iPhone, Share Photos


Get more out of Twitter! PhotoNest offers a cool new way to view pictures your friends post to Twitter with a photo timeline you can flick through!!

Includes stunning high-resolution interface for the Retina Display!

★ Featured by Apple in New and Noteworthy ★

“This seems like a grand idea to me… If your Twitter friends post a lot of photos (and people with iPhones tend to), it’s a fun way to keep up and worth checking out.” – TUAW

“It’s almost as if you are looking at a set of negatives, or one of those sets of pictures that prints from a photo booth.” – App Safari

“Makes it easy to view your friends’ photos.” – GeekSugar

Twitter is an amazing real time communication tool, but it only sends links to photos and not photos themselves, which isn’t very pretty.

We are dedicated to fixing this! PhotoNest is an application that goes through your Twitter feed and looks for photos that your friends have posted.

It then pulls that photo out and puts into a nice visual stream of photos from your Twitter friends.

PhotoNest is a great way to share what you see while you’re on the go! Even if you aren’t currently a Twitter member you can sign up through our app!


If there aren’t many pictures when you first load the app (Twitter only lets us go back a limited amount of time to search for pictures) don’t worry,

they will continue to populate as new photos are posted and soon your photo stream will be full of your friends photos!



• Beautiful interface that allows you to scroll through photos your friends post to Twitter

• Easily shoot and post your own photos directly to your Twitter profile

• See all the photos or select only photos from your favorite friends

• Photo tips for better iPhone photos

• Shake your device to refresh the photos

• MANY more features to come!

We are totally dedicated to making this simply the best way to share your photos on Twitter!

Follow twitter.com/photonest for updates
This app was developed in collaboration with Clever Coding (http://www.clevercoding.com/)

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