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Welcoming Hal Rushton

We would like to welcome Hal Ruston to our Clever Coding family. Hal has joined our team as the latest mobile developer. Hal has been making 3D games since the mid 90s and is extremely well versed in OpenGL and 3D app development.

Hal was the lead developer on the port of Duke Nukem 3D to the iPhone. He also has spent the last few months on porting an openGL engine from the iOS to Android.

Some of the games that Hal has worked on include: “Van Helsing”, “Starcraft:Broodwar”, “Barbarian”, “Rainbow 6” (N64), “Rogue Spear” (PS), “Super Star Wars”, “Lego:Bionicle”, “James Bond 007,” “Duke Nukem 3D”, “Painkiller (iPhone)”, “Fieldrunners” and many more.

Hal got his BS in Applied Mathematics and in Chemistry from BYU.
He graduate studies was in Physical and Theoretical chemistry at the University of Utah.

Hal brings a wealth of experience in mobile development with a focus on the Android and iPhone/iPad platforms. We are excited to have him on our team. He will be a great asset on our internal project as well as be a great resource when companies hire us to do their iPhone development.

About Us:
Clever Coding is a mobile development company specializing in iPhone and Android development. We are based out of Springville, Utah. We work with clients both large and small. We proudly work with companies based out of Utah and around the world.

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