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  1. Everyday reminder

    We love all the inspirational women in our lives who are mothers, mamas-to-be or even just show motherly love!

  2. The basics of software development, engineering, and testing

    Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a software developer and a software engineer?

  3. Saving kids’ masterpieces through technology

    How fun!

  4. 20% of IT decision makers think their business will be a victim of a publicized breach within the next 18 months, according to Code42’s research.

    That’s not good. http://clevercoding.com/

  5. Make someone smile from their errors

    Sometimes in the middle of chaos, our mistakes turn into blessings. Don’t call others out…. make them smile instead!

  6. iPhone 8 in red

    Have you seen the red iPhone 8 yet?

  7. Mobile app development enters a new phase

    Mobile app development stands at the forefront of technological evolution.

  8. App development

    You can expect full service for all of your app development needs!

  9. Once a new technology rolls

    Be the steamroller. http://clevercoding.com/

  10. Being nice can pay off

    Sometimes going above and beyond at your job can pay off in ways you would never imagine! What’s awesome is that she didn’t do it for any reward.

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