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New year, new web design/development trends to watch

59091791_MIt’s safe to say that most Americans spent more time online than perhaps they did a year ago, with lockdowns and quarantines commonplace. What does this mean to you, a business owner or decision maker?

In short, your digital presence is going to help or hinder your brand’s image. That said, it’s helpful to have a baseline understanding on what’s trending in web design and development. Keep an eye on the following elements en vogue so you can get noticed:

1) User experience is king.
Gone are the days of generic user interfaces. That’s so 2006! Today’s savvy web developer creates sites that allow for some customization. For example, the site could be responsive in terms of user tastes, styes and identifies. Think enlarged font sizes for older audiences or even a color palette that accommodates color blind people. Good design takes into account the actual execution, not just aesthetics. We understand both and how you they can be leveraged to your benefit.

2) Happy sells.
After the year’s tough events, designers are taking note and applying a new mindset to their work. They’re trading bland corporate-forward and clinical-feeling sites with more approachable ones. Think vibrant colors like orange and yellow along with copy and imagery that sell that upbeat feeling. Regardless of the industry, there are ways to harness this positive energy to create an end product that connects with prospects and customers on a deeper level.

3) Think outside of the box — literally.
Until now, websites have been traditionally based on a grid layout. The reason is practical — this form factor organizes the structure and allows you to present the key elements in a way that commands attention. In this case, designers are limited in their creativity to some extent. However, asymmetric design is a whole new world. Such a format means the old rules don’t apply entirely. However, it should be mentioned that designers still need to think in terms of practicality. No part of the design should overpower another element, for example.

Do any of these trends resonate with you? Maybe you need help translating them from concept to reality. We’ve got you! If you’re in the market for a shiny, new website, look no further than our expertise. Since 2008 we have partnered with clients on 400+ projects spanning all industries, technologies and budgets. You could be next! Interested in learning more? Send us a message to start a conversation.

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