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Is your business computer network your weakest link?

59091791_MCybersecurity is a common buzzword in business today. And for good reason. Computer hacking is real and can be devastating. The computer network is where financial information, trade secrets, business planning, employees’ and customers’ personal information is stored. Taking steps to secure your organization’s computer network is good business practice. Most of us keep the information on our personal devices secure, so it just makes sense to apply the same practice at work.

Here are some guidelines to bolster network security:

Passwords – Encourage users to regularly change their passwords. Consider installing software that requires passwords be changed every 30-45 days. Include criteria that previous passwords can’t be reused, that passwords require a combination of letters, numbers and characters, and that users be locked out of the system if they enter an incorrect password several times. Encourage users to select passwords that are strong, yet easy for them to remember. Do not keep a written list of passwords.

URLs – Spammers love to hide under URLs that appear to be legitimate. Users should carefully read the URLs in the command line before opening any website. Opening spam websites could lead to viruses and malware.

Device security – Users should always log off of their computers when leaving them unattended. Unauthorized personnel could easily obtain proprietary information from computers that are logged onto the corporate network.

Cybersecurity workshop – Hold a mandatory cybersecurity workshop for all members of the organization to make them aware of current threats and how to protect their company-issued organization devices. Also, include a section in the company employee manual on computer practices in order to hold users accountable for their actions.

Your computer network is your company’s lifeline. Make sure it is kept secure.

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