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Developers + Marketers: A Match Made in Heaven

Most companies understand the role marketing plays with increasing brand awareness and taking consumers through the buyer funnel. Companies invest thousands and millions of dollars into marketing agencies because of the promised return on investment. How does app development play into that marketing investment? The two actually have a lot in common and build off each other to accomplish the common goal of converting users. 

Increasing Trust in Brand

Increased marketing efforts can display the legitimacy of a company and generate a collective response. For example, email marketing is done to elicit a response from the user whether that be opening the email or clicking a call-to-action within that email. Once the customer is taken through the buyer process smoothly, a certain grain of trust is built between the company and consumer. Similarly, having the option to download a user-friendly app shows the consumer that the company is prepared to build value and connect better with their customers. 

Boost Profits & Increase Engagement

Ultimately, both marketing and mobile apps serve to boost the profits of a business. Apps actually help the consumer to purchase products or utilize the services of the company in a convenient way on their mobile device. By appealing to the convenience factor, there is an expected increase in profits due to the higher usage. This is also the reason that business owners decide to invest in Google Ad campaigns because they know people are searching their everyday thoughts and questions just like they use their mobile phones.  

Stand Out Against Competitors

Let’s say you’re starting out as a new business owner fighting your hand against other small businesses. Developing a unique mobile app might be the key to setting you apart from the competition. This is why investing in marketing is just as valuable as investing in building a mobile app. Build brand awareness and own your market space with a mobile app, which might be a concept your competitors are having difficulty grasping. 

Enhance Your Profile

Not only is it important to pave your own way in the competitive market, but you should also try to make your company as visible as possible. A mobile app can accomplish this in the same way that marketing does. Companies’ applications bring in brand awareness and attention just from having them available in the app store. With technology moving as quickly as it does, companies must act fast if they want to stay ahead of the curve. Mobile apps help to build that professional portfolio that every company is searching for.

The relationship between marketing and mobile app development is a strong one. Many companies rely on mobile apps to build trust in their brand, boost profits and engagement, stand out against competitors, and enhance their profile. If you are looking for mobile app developers to help you get started, contact us today.

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